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1   Link   NRP Mission Trips Available
NRP Supported Mission Trips - choose the one that God puts on your heart and expand your ministry to those abroad by traveling with NRP brothers and sisters on a much needed mission trip!
2   Link   Network of Related Pastors
We are a team of fathers endeavoring to equip each local pastor with all the tools necessary to be a success. At the core of NRP is covenant relational thinking with a pursuit to protect and aid the pastor. Our desire is to compliment and enhance your vision, provide you with moral and ethical accountability through relationship, and to walk with you through the joys as well as the storms of life and ministry.
3   Link   Ivan Tait & What Matters Ministry
We have a generational approach at Casa Angelina. We do not want to simply impact the children we rescue; it is our dream to have a greater effect—one that will potentially impact the future of Guatemala. It is our hope that what we invest into our children will equip them to become significant, kind, and generous citizens. It is also our hope that the cycle will continue as they have families of their own.

What Matters Ministries and Missions is founded on the core beliefs: "You reap what you sow" and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." At Casa Angelina, we teach the children that living by just these simple principles can make a huge difference not only in their lives but also in the lives of others. There are opportunities all around us in Guatemala to give to those in desperate need. The children came to Casa Angelina having experienced deplorable conditions, they were rescued, and their lives were completely changed. They love every chance they have to give back and make a difference in someone else’s life. Below are a few examples of giving to others from what we have been given.
4   Link   Ray Self & Int. College of Ministry
A seminary should seek not only to impart knowledge of the word of God, but should also allow the Holy Spirit to lead and impart the power necessary for true revelation of Christ. Just as Christ was "full of grace and truth" (John 1:14), a seminary should be a marriage between the Spirit and the Truth. This is what we at the International College of Ministry seek to do.

We purpose by the will of God to teach sound biblical doctrine, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in all that we do.

5   Link   Joe Warner & Freedom Fellowship
Freedom Fellowship Church is a non-denominational, Bible-believing church. It is a church where freedom is found and fellowship is a way of life!

Freedom Fellowship Church was founded by Pastor Joe Warner and his wife, Karen, in 1982. The church has always focused on its core values – connecting to God, connecting to His people, and connecting to a world desperately in need of Him.
6   Link   Kent Henry - Prophetic Psalmist
This is the home of Kent Henry Ministries Online. This is where you will find all of the latest information on one of the leading voices in prophetic worship. For 35 years, Kent has been leading people into deep worship, seeing hearts and lives transformed by the hand of God.
7   Link   Dick & Ruth Flores - Spain Aflame
Spain Aflame Ministries
8   Link   Joe Oden - Evangelist
This ministry holds to the New Testament mandate that the office of the evangelist must train through practical teaching in evangelism and strategy to mobilize the church to reach their community. Not just head knowledge, but with faith that God will bring about deliverance in people's lives that are bound.
9   Link   Ron Johnson - Living Stones
We have been committed to building strong marriages and families for over thirty years! Pastor Ron and Carol Johnson, our founding pastors, began ministering to troubled marriages in their home on Sunday nights. What started out as three couples looking for some answers exploded into over 100 people packing into their very modest home! God was moving powerfully and the people were hungry for more of the Lord.